About the Artist

Darcy Schultz, Encaustic Artist

Darcy Schultz maintains an art studio at Phoenix Office Park in Shirley, the same modernized mill building that houses Sitka Design. She recently moved there from Western Avenue Studios in Lowell. She has returned to the East Coast after nearly 20 years in Portland, Oregon, where she earned an MA in Art Therapy and showed her work in an alumni show at The Art Gym, art therapy association group show at ONDA, HipBone Studios, and participated in Southeast Open Studios. Prior to this, she was a member of Amory Street Studios (Jamaica Plain, MA) and then Artists Studios West (Waltham, MA), showing around Boston. Her work is in several private collections and was also chosen for the University of Wisconsin Green Bay’s permanent collection. Darcy is originally from Wisconsin and earned her BA from this institution.

Darcy’s art work has an enduring focus on nature, motion, and color, with recent emphasis on the emotional memory of body as landscape. Her encaustics are hand-made when ever possible from beeswax, Damar varnish, and ground rock, even cocoa powder. Some of the works include organic collage material such as string, dried plants, and hair. This is in line with her strong belief in stewardship of the earth as practical and spiritual practice. 

This latest series of work, “Glow,” evolved completely through intuition. It is purely a work of imagination, although it has resonance with landscapes of earth, sea, and sky. Each piece fairly moves off the bounds of the wooden substrate, and framing is not essential to the art so edges are lightly finished. The layers of encaustic add depth in another dimension. These pieces involve depicting the wordless motions of emotion.

” In this series, I wish to evoke a sense of the infinite, of limitlessness, of possibility and hope. ”