Therapy @ Darcy Art Studio

I am a Massachusetts Licensed Mental Health Counselor
& nationally Registered Art Therapist with depth and breadth of experience.
This allows for dynamic facilitation of emotional and social healing
through compassionate, creative therapy.

You can come to my art studio to do
Art Therapy in a comfortable, well-lit studio space,
or simply to have professional support as you talk through issues.

Drawing from my experience as a baby group facilitator,
volunteer lactation counselor, as well as a clinician,
I have come to understand and appreciate the complexity
of mother’s and baby’s emotional needs. Supporting this bond
is the focus of my private practice work.

ADHD management, divorce, school issues,
anxiety, and mood disorders are some other areas of speciality.
In summer, I can also offer short-term social skills and process groups for 4-6 clients.
My goal is for clients to be able to have a more joyful & meaningful life experience.

Please call me at 978.295.1737 to explore options for your needs.
Or you can email me at